Mise en Scene

Mise En Scene is a French term, which roughly means ‘put on stage.’

With this in mind I need all the things that Mise En Scene stands for while creating my scene otherwise how will the audience know what I’m trying to get across in my 3D environment?

Before I go further I want to address what Mise En Scene stands for, to me.

It means to get essential information across to the audience about the time, place and also characters. For my 3D environment it’ll just focus on time and place.

The core things needed to address when and where are;

Setting, lighting and props, I’ll also have movement within my scene to further add to my environment.

I’ve chosen my environment, it’ll be a shack on a small island in the ocean, the shack will be a restaurant with an open eating area and bar, it’ll be located on the small island with nothing more than the sand and a few boats. I’ll be adding fairy lights to the shack to further more tell what time it is. It’ll be set in now times, it’ll have a few palm trees on the island also to show where about’s in the world it is.


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