Walk to Jump

Still needs a little bit of work with the footing and how heavy he should fall but this is what I have so far.

Side View

2.5D View


Walk Cycle

This is my (almost fully polished) walk cycle, still have some things that need fixing…

This is the final one which is a lot better than the top one.

The Graph Editor

walk cycle hips grap edit

04/11/2014 Walk Cycle

The walk cycle needed a lot of work and tweaking where I left off yesterday, Luke helped me sort this random movement between frames (Since the computer was very laggy yesterday I didn’t notice it was doing it until I finished uploading this video! But it was a simple problem thankfully! 😀

I have just finished up my walk cycle today will post about it when videos are loaded up!

Bear Conpect Design

The front and side view of my character, the front is mirrored, the hair on his head will be added afterwards.

Half the front with the hair in place just to show where it’d go..

bear front view full bod with hair

Full front.

bear front view full bod

Looks a bit weird will do some changes later on. It’s the ears that are annoying me to most which is annoying since I think it looks fine in side view…so I’m unsure if it’ll look fine in the final 3D mod or not.

I think once I add in the hair his ears will look better so I’ll take my chances.

Side view.

bear side view full bod

I’m fine with the side view, I’ll be modelling in the thick fur that is shown in the image and then add colour and that will be my model done.