Improvement and Blocking

Since I didn’t like how I left the pendulum I came back to it today, I was showed how to move the keys closer together in graph editor and I also sorted out the snap near the end on the animation. I still have a lot to improve on but I wanted to move on to blocking my walk cycle so I had to stop here.

The blocking out of my walk cycle, they are just the key frames for the moment, I shall wait for Luke’s lesson next week then animate it since I have to learn how to walk before I run!

I’ve noticed a few mistakes like the left leg doesn’t move in the next frame at the beginning which is annoying that I only spot this AFTER I’ve left. I’ll put it right when I get back…I’ll also complete the full walk cycle, since it’s only half a walk cycle but it took the full five frames so I left it, I know now I should have just moved them closer together so they would move a lot faster and it would seem more real.


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