Walk Cycle Improve

I smoothed out the blocking of the walk –

Then once I got that out the way I then started to move his hips along with the rest of his body, as well as him moving rather than staying in the same place.

😀 Yay! I see nothing wrong with my walk it’s perfect. I’m joking, but I am really proud of it, so anything you see that could do with improving let me know! Comments are always welcome.


Improvement and Blocking

Since I didn’t like how I left the pendulum I came back to it today, I was showed how to move the keys closer together in graph editor and I also sorted out the snap near the end on the animation. I still have a lot to improve on but I wanted to move on to blocking my walk cycle so I had to stop here.

The blocking out of my walk cycle, they are just the key frames for the moment, I shall wait for Luke’s lesson next week then animate it since I have to learn how to walk before I run!

I’ve noticed a few mistakes like the left leg doesn’t move in the next frame at the beginning which is annoying that I only spot this AFTER I’ve left. I’ll put it right when I get back…I’ll also complete the full walk cycle, since it’s only half a walk cycle but it took the full five frames so I left it, I know now I should have just moved them closer together so they would move a lot faster and it would seem more real.

Pendulum Animations!

Okay! So my pendulum got smacked by someone which is why it’s so exaggerated within it’s movements.

My first video is of just the key frames

My second video is the smooth version

My third video is me moving scale keys and rotate keys to try and fix it, on Graph Editor.

My fourth video is me doing more messing around.

This is what my graph editor looks like;

pen top base screen shot

This is the top base of the pendulum

pen middle base screen shot

This is the middle

pen bottom base screen shot

This is the bottom.