Bouncy Ball

Okay so I attempted to make my bouncy ball….bounce. I kinda messed up at the end which made the ball bounce then stop..yeah. My first animation was to small to put up so here’s my second attempt.

My last one which went in the wrong direction to what I wanted

I was able to stop this weird jump that was happening by smoothing the jumps in Graph Editor like so.

grarph editor

Which resulted in a smoother better bounce than the above.


Bender Model Rigging

First time rigging my bender model, it went wrong in every possible way.

bender model 1

First we tried out Human IK just to get a feel of what it’s like to rig, but you couldn’t do a lot of the movements you wanted, it was very restricted.

bender model 2

Put in the joints, one for the centre of the arm.

bender model a3

Yeah… this is where it failed and morphed out of it’s shape creating a terrifying monster!

bender model 3

I did mange (with help) to recover and his arm still need working on but at lest it’s not changed his whole body! Lesson to be learnt is don’t model on one polygon, add more for the arms, legs and so on. Or you shall struggle like I did in the third picture.

Concept Art

Drew this up, took around two hours to complete. I wanted to get my idea on paper so people could gather a better understanding of what I’m aiming for. A simple story of a bear wanting the honey in the hive……but it’s outta reach.

bear con

Over The Summer

When coming up with an idea I wanted simple but still a challenge. I first came up with an anthro bear who was lost from home and trying to get back, he would then climb to the top of the tallest tree in the forest which then flings him across the forest right back to his home where he curls up and goes to sleep.

Still sticking with the bear I had an idea of having him try to reach a beehive, and eating the honey.

cropped-honey.pngbee beer

The kinda anatomy I wanted for him was like Sulley from Monster’s Inc but as a bear. I found a great Russian animation that followed pretty much the same design that I had in my head. It’s called Masha and Bear, the main character is a little girl who likes to bother the bear, I watched a few episodes to see how they bring the bear’s character in to play.